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We support Airports in developing strategic references for decision-making

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Airport companies have the important responsibility to ensure the long-term success of the airport in a country or region. Not only are they part of a value chain that realizes value of various forms on a daily basis, but they are also responsible for decision making on high investments with long planning horizons. Many airports are struggling with their responsibility in taking these important decisions. They are lacking strategic references that can be used in the decision making process. Airport companies experience difficulty in overseeing complexity. As a result, airports are entering a vacuum in which no decisions are taken. AirportCreators has developed a proven approach to developing strategies that guide decision-making.

Strategy is a high-level plan to achieve your goals under the conditions of uncertainty

AirportCreators supports you in defining your airports strategic references that drive top down decision making

Creating and maintaining a strategic fit for an airport project is essential, but it is not easy. Although many airport companies have a strategic plan, only few know how to turn this into a firm project portfolio and a solid project definition. A top-down approach must be employed to seamlessly integrate projects with strategy: every requirement, solution, and trade-off must be derived from the airport’s strategy. This can only be achieved by employing effective information tools. Reliance on flashy sheets or tons of memos is never recommended.

Realizing desirable ends with available means

Our 5-step approach


Analyze your ContextThe essence of formulating strategy is relating an Airport to its environment. Zoom out and truly understand every dimension of the airport’s operating environment.


Formulate your AmbitionsUnambiguously define the ambitions to be achieved. Cross reference these with important stakeholders.


Analyze your DependenciesDevelop scenarios of where the strategy could take you in the face of uncertain exogenous influences.


Develop Strategic ReferencesDefine your options, categorize and structure your information while ensuring integrality across all areas. Prevent the mistake of formulating abstract and unfounded KPIs.


OperationalizeOperationalize your strategy such that it can be used by all the airport’s decision makers.

You may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you”

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