Resuming airport operations in a safe and healthy way

The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge for the aviation industry. Enhanced sanitary and social distancing measures necessitate a different way of working. Many industry-leading bodies have published recommendations and guidelines. We provide you with the best solution on how to implement these at your airport.


Infrastructure planning

The New Normal requires that we re-think our airport’s infrastructure. This ranges from redesigning the terminal spaces to allow for enough distance between passengers, to the inspection of airside facilities that were used to park aircraft. Our qualified airport planners are ready to assist.

Process optimization

The vast majority of processes at the airport is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our experienced consultants can review all your airport’s processes and provide recommendations, using our information management tool.



Airport Operations

The Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC) will play a vital role in resuming airport operations during the COVID-19. The AOCC is the linking pin between all stakeholders that come together at the airport. Our airport operations specialists can assist you in developing a modern and efficient AOCC that is up to the challenge of these times.

Health & Safety

Airport operations cannot resume without prioritizing the health and safety of everyone at the airport. This requires the implementation of sanitary measures and health checks, while ensuring a pleasant passenger experience. Our consultants can assist you in developing a health protocol that addresses the unique characteristics of airports.



Business Planning

The COVID-19 has far reaching implications for the entire airport organization. Together with your senior management, we will identify the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for business areas such as IT, HR, Strategy and Finance. Our strategy consultants help you to re-plan your business and face tomorrow’s challenges.

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