EASA certification & compliance management

Ensure compliance to EASA standards, constantly.
EASA As-A-Service

Successful certification and compliance management:

The new standard has arrived.

AirportCreators presents a unique EASA Aerodrome certification & compliance management service. An integrated solution for EASA certification for all types of airports! From initial certification to compliance management in the cloud; our service offers it all.

Certification management

We developed a modern EASA Certification management model that brings your compliancy documentation up to standard. Our EASA model connects with your asset base. Get full insight on the EASA Implementing Rules (IR), Certification Specification (CS) and Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC), and enjoy the benefits of our Integrated Document Management System.

Our standardized certification method ensures a reliable and transparent process. We evaluate your assets and organization in comparison to the latest EASA specifications and develop the certification basis including the flexibility tools for deviations.

EASA compliant, at the heart of your airport organization
Avoid unnecessary compliance risks

EASA in the cloud

Our service includes an innovative compliance management cloud service, accessible for you and your employees. With this intelligent online tool your certification basis is effectively and securely organized at your fingertips.

What we offer

The compliance management is offered as a service; a single solution for continuous EASA compliance to regulations for your infrastructure, organization and operation. We update your certification basis pro- actively twice a year. All for a fixed service fee, no surprises, just that!

Our services:

Certification management

All-in-one compliance management

Cloud service for EASA certification basis & document management

EASA support and helpdesk

A unique certification & compliance management service for airports, effective and affordable

Your benefits

With our service, you and your airport are assured of effective EASA compliance management. Your benefits are:

  • Continuous compliance monitoring, having your certification always up-to date with EASA
  • Manage your EASA certification basis and evidence in the cloud; a secured place with easy access
  • Keep track of your deviations and modifications with our track change tool
  • Integrate with your document management system, asset management and geographical information system
  • Always have the right specifications with our easy search and export functionalities
  • Lower your costs and lower your risks

Let's meet!

We are keen to work with you and your team to get EASA compliance management implemented. Just leave your message and we will get in touch soon!

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