Transforming Schiphol’s Multimodal Hub

Project at a glance

Over the past decades, Schiphol has developed itself not only as an airport, but it has become one of the Netherlands’ largest multimodal transit hubs for (high speed) rail, bus and personal vehicles. In addition, a new extension of the Amsterdam metro towards Schiphol is planned. The current layout of the landside area will be upgraded to be able to meet future demand and safety standards. With our involvement, an integral approach was implemented to maintain information in a centralized and trustable way, resulting in an accelerated design process.

AirportCreators worked on:

  • Defining the requirements specifications for:
    • Landside Central Program: Top Requirements, Kiss & Ride, Parking, Roads & Utilities and Pedestrian connections
    • Multimodal Hub: Train Station, Plaza Area, Bus Station, Taxi, Touring car station and Enabling Works
  • Stakeholder requirements management (internal and external), alignment with Rail sector and Amsterdam Public Transport
  • Prepare, plan and deliver contract documents

In collaboration with Dutch Boosting Group

CLIENT: Royal Schiphol Group
TIMELINE: 2019 – 2021
CATEGORY:Requirements Management

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