Our approach

There is a way to do it better, let’s find it.

Industry trends are changing the playing field

The traditional design-driven approach is failing in the increasingly complicated stakeholder and business environment, yet the challenges for the airport industry are evolving constantly.  Only few airport companies are successfully adopting a new approach on airport development which deals with these dynamics in the sector.

At AirportCreators, we are eager to truly comprehend and solve the challenges that airports face by applying our Systems Engineering approach to the field of airport development.

Key elements of this approach:

  1. Focusing on intrinsic needs: we are needs-driven rather than design-driven;
  2. Preparing for change rather than preventing it;
  3. Focusing on holistic integrated systems rather than on technical details;
  4. Aligning expertise rather than encouraging their segregation;
  5. Top-down development rather than bottom-up.

Our approach allows us to reduce complexity by ensuring explicit decision making and focusing on needs-driven requirements. It positions the airport as a system of systems, for which we identify and structure the interests and goals of all stakeholders.

We believe that, rather than dictating a solution to suppliers, we should empower the market to propose more innovative, sustainable and effective solutions for the challenges at hand. Our approach enables a level of collaboration with the market which accelerates developments while keeping risks low.

Our Systems Thinking approach is based on explicit decision making

Better control over content and processes in order to leverage controllability of the system life cycle:

  • Driven by requirements
  • Environment sensitive
  • Risk based

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Our Services

Our innovative solutions are tailored to help airports carry out their strategic roadmaps and convert them into successful projects. Moreover, our information management tooling is targeted at explicitly organizing all essential flows of information. This helps establish the space in which creative ideas can take shape, and where powerful decisions can be made.

We strengthen your team in:


Project development & management


Asset Management &
Organisation development

Experts in action!

We can drive airport development together with your team by introducing creative end-to-end concepts that cover the wide range of airport operating and commercial aspects. We create concepts that embrace your strategy, engage your stakeholders and simplify your projects such that you can:

  • Get the most out of your assets
  • Let your airport operation outperform the competitors
  • Achieve more with your stakeholders
  • above all; Realize your ambitions

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