Our story

AirportCreators is a creative engineering and consulting company that specializes in airport development. Our team consists of challenge-embracing consultants and project managers, with true airport experience and a progressive way of thinking.

Our Mission

To accelerate the creation of sustainable airports of tomorrow by realizing innovative solutions in an increasingly complex environment.

Our Vision

The airport industry is facing radical changes with the increasing need to create a sustainable and robust aviation landscape. This challenge results in diverging stakeholder expectations and projects running out of control due to their complexity. Remarkably, while the aviation industry is radically evolving, airports are still being developed in traditional ways. At AirportCreators, we believe that a new development approach is needed more than ever, to enable future-proof airports to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

Our Promise

A future proof airport needs to adapt constantly to be relevant to changing markets. We see that the complexity in our industry often results in projects that run out of control. Our focus is on simplifying the business. We strengthen your team to:


Simplify your projects by reducing complexity


Be in control


Top-down project development


Truly engage your stakeholders


A life-cycle focus on your infrastructure


Train and develop your organization for a sustainable result

Meet our Team

Our company is based on a unique combination of people with fine fleur airport knowledge, a rock-solid Systems Engineering-based project management approach, and a firm track record in airport development.

How it started

Rogier Doffegnies and Ge Smit worked for Schiphol Group and had experienced the truth behind most airport projects. Interested in identifying the distinctive factors that could make or break a project, they sought to test their new ides by putting them into practice. Their approach showed such positive results, that in October 2016 they founded AirportCreators to make a real difference in the airport industry.

With a team of dedicated consultants, AirportCreators has quickly established itself as a leading consultancy services company in the aviation domain. With experience gained at major airport development projects such as Schiphol Airport, Dublin Airport, Luxembourg Airport and Lelystad Airport, our distinctive approach is increasingly recognized and yielding tremendous results.

Selection of AirportCreators’ milestones:

October 2016AirportCreators is founded.
March 2017AirportCreators is officially launched and introduced to airports from around the world at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2017.
January 2018Launch of the EASA Certification Management program.
May 2019Move to our new office at Schiphol-Rijk.
October 2019We welcome our 10th team member.
November 2019Launch of LARSA on our Runwave platform.
March 2021Obtention of ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
April 2021CoCreators is established as a label of AirportCreators, focusing on accelerating mobility and urban developments.

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