Our story.

Innovating your airport, together.
We create airports of tomorrow

Our Story.

Let’s create the airport of tomorrow! We are a young creative and experienced airport development company. We’re keen to work with you on new ideas that improve business at your airport. Together we develop innovative airport concepts that fit your needs and those of your customers.

Nice to meet you

We are a young, creative and effective alternative for the good old establishment of engineering and consultancy firms. Our innovative solutions help you to drive you forward along your strategic roadmap. We are creative developers and engineers with a strategic and conceptual mindset and technical know-how.

Our company is based on a unique combination of people that combine fine fleur airport knowledge and a rock solid approach in project management based on Systems Engineering.
We have a firm track record in airport development and Systems Engineering.

Let’s embrace change

Over the past decade we have experienced radical changes in the airport industry. New business models result in diverging customers and projects run out of control because their complexity. Remarkably, airport development hasn’t changed changed much, while the business where we are does so. We believe that a new approach in airport development is needed more than ever.

We help you in developing your airport to be truly relevant and valuable to you and your customers.

Stakeholders help us to make things better

Do your stakeholders know what they really need? And can they express themselves such that you know what they need? We experience that changing the industry isn’t that easy. But don’t be afraid of change: a good approach can serve as a guiding principle to guide one another through the process of change.

Our industry is beautiful

Our Promise.

A future proof airport needs to adapt constantly to be relevant to changing markets. We see that the complexity in our industry often results in projects that run out of control. Our focus is on simplifying the business. We strengthen your team in:

Simplify your projects by reducing complexity

Be in control

Top-down project development

Truly engaging your stakeholders

A life-cycle focus on your infrastructure

Train and develop your organization for a sustainable result

We are AirportCreators

Our team

We bring people together who stand out in conceptual thinking, strategy, systems engineering, development and project management


Rogier Doffegnies

Managing director


Gé Smit

Senior consultant


Daniel van den Dries

Senior Consultant


Bart van Luling

Senior consultant

untitled (1 of 1)-6

Maria Tsagali



Frank Schellenberg



Arshad Kasiem



Willem Koops


untitled (1 of 1)-5

Yoran van den Akker

Business Development Consultant


Joris Stolwijk


untitled (1 of 1)-4

Pierre-Louis Roux



Yorick Keizer


untitled (1 of 1)-2

Emma Hernandez



Ted Pouls