EASA certification management at Lelystad Airport

Project at a glance

EASA certification transition and conversion of an airport under construction

During the extensive development program of Lelystad Airport, the Airport is required to convert its certification from ICAO to EASA. In addition, the heavily expanded airport requires also a certification change.

Lelystad Airport assigned AirportCreators to prepare the EASA certification processes. Our consultations review all existing and new infrastructure by means of a solid verification and validation process. The verification process is achieved by means of a innovative information management system, with which Lelystad Airport is able to manage EASA compliancy in the future in a easy and transparent manner.

Our Work:

  • Advising the executive board on their corporate strategy
  • Defining the Regulatory Asset Base
  • Development of new airport charges model
  • Facilitating the airport user consultation process

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Download Client Satisfactury Statement (Dutch)

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CLIENT:Lelystad Airport
TIMELINE: 2017 – Current
CATEGORY:Compliance & Certification
LEAD CONSULTANT:Rogier Doffegnies

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