Debrecen Airport: Adaptive masterplan

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Project at a glance

Debrecen International Airport is growing in terms of traffic, requiring redevelopment and expansion of its infrastructure.

On the short term, both a masterplan for the airport and reconstruction of the runway are planned, while other construction projects will follow rapidly.

A parallel process of tightly coupled activities.

This is where strategy needs to meet execution. Integrated airport planning and development expertise is a crucial element for a successful start. However, it also requires the right processes and organization to build the Airport of Tomorrow.

An exciting journey for the team of Debrecen International Airport.

AirportCreators was asked to support the team of Debrecen Airport in providing the required expertise and in maintaining a level playing field for the future project tenders. Our team was involved in a comprehensive project framework of Airport Development, Consultancy & coordination that included the following work packages:

  1. Adaptive Master Plan Implementation
  2. Portfolio Management Support
  3. Project Specifications

Debrecen International Airport Masterplan

We used our experience of progressive airport development to deliver an adaptive Master Plan that will be flexible, future-proof and tailored to the specific needs and possible scenario’s of the airport.

Our goal for Debrecen International Airport is an efficient development scheme which can be achieved via the ongoing verification and validation of the Master Plan starting points and outputs throughout the duration of the program. During this process AirportCreators will take into consideration alterations in the client’s vision, strategic goals, expectations, the stakeholders’ needs, the development context, the traffic forecast, the initial starting points of the plan as well as other factors that can influence the growth of the airport.

AirportCreators has successfully completed the initial phase of the Adaptive Master Plan implementation. At the time the project started, the municipality of Debrecen had already drafted the initial outlines of the spatial plan that sets out the steps in developing Debrecen International Airport. During this phase, our team together with the airport operator, used the spatial plan of the municipality as the starting point and enhance it with elements that can assure future flexibility. Our aim was to retain the set outline whilst assisting the airport in developing a design that can cope with any traffic scenario and successfully handle unexpected alterations in the anticipated traffic. Our guiding principles were based on a future proof mentality that allows the unobstructed expansion of the airport and simultaneously on a short – term mindset which enable the continuity of operations at the airport during the construction phase of the new RWY.

Our services included:

  • Runway Optimization Study
  • Terminal Location and Configuration Optimization Study
  • High – Level Cargo Strategy
  • Various advisory services on elements of the airside
  • High – Level study of important elements of the landside such as access roads & parking facilities
CLIENT:Debrecen Airport
TIMELINE: 2020 – Current
CATEGORY:Airport Planning

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