Tours Val de Loire Airport Redevelopment

Project at a glance

A New Gateway to the Loire Valley

The airport of Tours Val de Loire is an airport with dual use (French Air Force and civilian). The French Air Force is leaving the airport in 2022. Because of that, the airport needs to be re-developed into a civilian one. This re-development consists of upgrading all landside and airside infrastructure and rebuilding the Terminal. Other projects include spatial development, real estate and public transport. The ambition of Tours Airport is to be the gateway of the Val de Loire region, the cradle of the Renaissance.

Our Work:

  • Setting up the Masterplan Study.
  • Drawing up a high level Masterplan Design.
  • Setting up the ambitions document and top requirements.
  • Business case.
  • Plan of approach next phase.
  • Advisory to the project director on political, economic and technical issues.
CLIENT:Syndicat Mixte pour l’Aménagement et le Développement de l’Aéroport international de Tours Val de Loire
TIMELINE: 2017 – 2018
CATEGORY:Strategy consulting
LEAD CONSULTANT:Rogier Doffegnies, Gé Smit

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