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Meet Runwave.

A pilot’s go-to destination for
making smoother flight plans,
with less waiting at the runway

At many airports, runway capacity is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. To tackle this, airports, airlines and air traffic control are collaborating more and more to ensure the most efficient operation possible. General Aviation (GA) has been left out of this development due to its unscheduled nature. As a result, GA traffic causes unpredictable runway usage behavior and delays. At the same time, the GA community is underrepresented in the capacity allocation process.

What if runway capacity could be allocated dynamically to the GA community to optimally fit their needs, while increasing predictability of your runway operations?

Runwave is a new and unique platform for collaborative decision making in the General Aviation community. It is a pilot’s go-to destination for making smoother flight plans with less waiting. Runwave helps pilots with executing their flights in a reliable manner, and allows airports to make optimal use of available capacity.

Core Features

  • Users indicate runway usage and share this
    with the community, such that everyone can
    optimize their flight planning.
  • Integration with AODB for inclusion of
    scheduled flights into capacity model.
  • A probability-based algorithm creates accurate
    traffic forecasts whilst maintaining flexibility
    for pilots.
  • Support for VFR, IFR, Circuit and Helicopter
  • Support for separate FATO areas.
  • Cloud-based solution, integration with airport
    and weather systems supported.
  • Available for Android, iOS and Web App.

More insight, more grip:
The Runwave Dashboard

Runwave comes with an advanced dashboard for
managing, analyzing and optimizing your airport’s
GA operations. Some of its main features are:

  • Get live overviews of upcoming GA
    movements, including visualized traffic peaks
    and KPIs.
  • Generate traffic reports to share with
  • Manage runway availability: Indicate
    maintenance periods and other runway
  • Communicate directly to your community:
    Send push messages and updates to pilots.

Runwave originated from the Larsa Project: Check out Larsa @ Lelystad airport!

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