Rogier Doffegnies

Rogier Doffegnies

Director and Sr. Consultant


Rogier is an experienced strategy professional with a conceptual and analytical mindset. Rogier holds a unique combination of engineering know-how and a firm background in business administration. He is able to switch seamlessly between the various abstraction levels in projects. Rogier has a progressive attitude and brings people together, he is creative and a good convincer. He has a social flexible character and he possesses modern skills to reduce complexity in the work of teams. This makes him a valued team member who can achieve meaningful results in complex environments.

Reference Projects

2018 – Current Economic Regulation Luxembourg Airport

Providing advice to the board on the new economic regulation, including the settlement of airport charges and the transfer of assets.

Project information

2018 – Current Capital Investment Plan Dublin Airport

Implementing a new approach for developing the airport capital investment plan. Providing direct advise to the senior management team and the board.

2016 – Current Development Lelystad Airport

Implementing progressive ideas on developing the new Lelystad Airport. Responsible for attaining the European certification for Lelystad Airport.