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SE Basics training

Our next SE BasicsTraining will start again soon! The elemental SE training provides insight into the essence of Systems Engineering. The training is build on the foundation described in the Guideline SE.

We provide our training at our training facility in Schiphol-Rijk or as a in-company format.

Trainings can be provided in English or Dutch.


What you will learn

Our elemental training covers all basic concepts of System Engineering. You will learn how to set up and manage a project from the early stages of a project until final implementation. Our elemental training highlights the basic concepts of Systems Engineering such as requirement specification and the new approach to stakeholder engagement.

The workshops we offer can be customized according to your needs and your project. Together we will decide what themes to cover in the workshop. Doing the workshop together with your stakeholders is a perfect way to learn about each other.

Learn how Airport Development can be improved using a modern Systems Engineering approach.


Fit for purpose with the Systems Engineering introduction training and in-company workshop

We believe in a new approach to airport development based on the strong elements of Systems Engineering. We are committed to share our knowledge with you and your stakeholders. Our training is developed for those people who work in Aviation industry and who want to improve their project results in terms of outcome, costs and lead time.

We offer in-company workshops that can be customized for your company and project. Our workshops will inspire you and provide you tools than you can use right away in your project!


The basic training is a varied and interactive program that covers the general SE themes:

  • You will learn the basic principles and concepts of the Guideline SE
  • You lean to understand the usefulness and necessity of SE and its approach
  • You exercise with practical examples from airports and civil engineering projects
  • You will gain insight into the way SE can contribute to managing your project
  • Learn which tools can help you move forward and exercise with the basic features of SE

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and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the options.

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